Ways to Store and Organize Your Books at Home

Two white painted modern bookshelves with books, plants, a decorative storage box and personal items.

E-books have become a convenient way to hold multiple books on one handheld device and listening to audiobooks has become a new form of reading. Many people still get excited to borrow a book from the library or browse for a new one at the bookstore. Holding a physical copy of a book is still a part of reading that a lot of people enjoy, but the one struggle with that is finding space for all of your books. We at XYZ Storage want to help you find ways to store and organize your books.


If you are struggling to find places to properly store or display your collection of books it may help by starting to go through them and deciding if there are any books you can either sell or donate. Selling or donating books that you do not enjoy reading, do not plan on reading, or simply do not wish to keep can help you declutter your space. The same goes for any magazines or catalogues that you might have laying around. You can do the same for your child’s books as well.


Bookshelves are perfect to display your wide collection of books and come in a variety of different sizes to place anywhere in your room. For example, you can have a narrow tall bookshelf if you lack wide enough spaces or a corner bookshelf to help you save space. You can organize your books by colour, alphabetically by author or title, or by genre.

Wall Shelves

Organizing your books on a bookshelf may be a great way to display your collection, however, if you live in a tiny apartment or condo you might not have the room to do so. Take advantage of the wall space by installing one or more shelves on the wall to stack or line up your books. These shelves can be placed above your television in your living room or placed above your desk/workspace to neatly display your collection.

Décor Pieces

Be creative and do not be afraid to display your books as décor pieces. They can easily be displayed on your coffee table as a décor item(s). If you can colour code them even better! These can be books that you enjoy reading on a day-to-day basis or for display purposes only.

Furniture with Extra Storage Space

Purchasing new or used furniture has become much more convenient with the variety of ways to do so whether it is online through a retailer, Kijiji or Facebook marketplace, or through curbside pickup. Several furniture pieces could be useful for storing your books. However, when looking for furniture try and be mindful to look for pieces that can be used for more than one purpose. Multi-purpose furniture is extremely helpful especially when you lack storage space or have limited space available. Here are some examples:

  •   A coffee table that has extra storage space inside or beneath it
  •   A television stand with additional storage space and/or drawers
  •   A sofa or couch with built-in storage space underneath
  •   A bed with built-in storage space underneath or space to have containers/boxes underneath to store books


Are you still lacking space to store any of the books you wish to keep, but no longer have space for? We at XYZ Storage can help you with exactly that by offering you customizable storage solutions for all of your storage needs.

As a friendly reminder, if you are planning on stopping by our self-storage facilities for essential reasons please wear a mask for the safety of yourself and others. From all of us at XYZ Storage, we hope you and your family are staying safe! Happy reading!


published: 26 February 2021