Tips for Living in a Condo or Apartment With a Pet

Young beautiful couple with dog sitting on the sofa at new home around cardboard boxes

Are you lucky enough to live in a building that allows you to have pets in your home? Maybe you are looking for a new place to live and would love to be able to bring your furry friend with you. No matter what your situation is a problem you may already have or may face in the future is the lack of storage space when living in a small home. Being in a tiny 500 square foot apartment or condo may already be difficult if you have family members or other roommates living with you. When you add a pet in the mix that might make your home storage situation a little more complicated. Here are some tips for living in a condo or an apartment with a pet and what to do if you lack storage space:

Use Baskets for Toys and Grooming Supplies

Baskets are a great way for you to store away all of your pet’s toys on shelves or tucked away in the closet. They can also be used to store any of their food, grooming supplies, or leashes. This way they won’t be laying around in the living room or spread across the kitchen table. 

Get Rid of Excess Furniture or Belongings

For those of you who have a dog that loves to run around and play; a tiny apartment or condo may not have enough space for your furry friend. Your pet may find themselves bumping into pieces of furniture or ripping apart on your nice couch. When moving into a new space or bringing home a new pet it is important to look at what you do have and see if there is any way to make more space. You may even consider self-storage as it can be the ideal way to store any furniture or belongings that you do not need daily. It can save you space and your pet too!

Furniture and Belongings For Your Pet

There are plenty of ways for you to get creative when it comes to pet-friendly furniture. For instance, you can buy furniture that is also disguised as a dog crate. Not only does this help you save money and space in your home; it is also multi-functional! You might also want to look for a more technologically friendly experience for your pet and purchase an automatic food dispenser for your dog or cat if you find yourself being out for long periods at a time.

Outdoor Time

Afraid your dog is not going to get enough exercise or outdoor time? This is when your balcony comes in handy! Lay out some fake grass and create your DIY play area for your dog. This is perfect for those of you who do not have the luxury of staying home all day, but still wants to make sure that your dog is getting enough time spent outside. Remember, you have to ensure that your pet will be safe outside. For example, when your dog is laying out on the balcony sit with them and make sure that the fencing is safe to prevent any accidents. It is important to find the time to take your dog for walks around the city or the park for some fresh air and lots of exercise!

As a friendly reminder, if you ever need the extra space in your tiny condo or apartment, we at XYZ Storage are always here to help! We have customizable self-storage solutions for those of you that are looking to make space for your dog or cat. At XYZ Storage, we help you make space for the important people (and pets) in your life!

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published: 2 October 2020