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At XYZ Storage, we believe that you should only pay for what you actually need. This means that matching your needs to an ideally sized unit helps us provide you with an affordable storage solution at the best value. By understanding the items you’d like to store and your budget, our Storage Experts can help you answer, “How big of a self storage unit do I need?”

From mini storage lockers, to condo-size storage units, to our generous large-size storage units bigger than a one-car garage, we have spaces available for you. However large or small your storage needs might be, we’ll do our absolute best to find a unit that suits you perfectly. If you’re unsure which size might suit you best, simply call our team of Storage Experts at 1-866-310-1999 for your tailored self storage solution.

In addition, we pride ourselves on offering flexible terms and the ability to switch between sizes within all of our self storage facilities. With our support, you’ll consistently get exactly what you’re looking for – while your storage prices remain as low as possible.


12 - 24 square ft

make space of up to a locker

At typically 4’x3’x3’ in size, XYZ’s compact self storage unit offers the ideal combination of size and convenience. With room for content in a locker, our compact units are popular options for those that need an extra secure storage space that can be accessed easily. Sometimes called our mini storage, you’ll be matched with a well-maintained unit that boasts excellent flexibility for storing your items.

personal storage use

A compact unit is perfect for sports equipment, a set of tires, luggage, seasonal goods (e.g. holiday decorations), tools, photo albums, memorabilia, collectibles, and other items that you want to securely store away at our locations and away from others.

business storage use

Ideal for storing documents, excess inventory, product samples, tools, and anything else that your business needs to put away. Our space is designed to provide you with hassle-free and quick “grab-and-go” access. With our secured and temperature controlled facilities, you’ll never have to worry about your belongings.


25 - 74 square ft

make space of up to a hallway closet

Our cost-effective and affordable small storage unit sizes get you an incredible space, making it an excellent choice for storing your belongings. The unit sizes of 5’x5’ or 5’x10’ offer storage flexibility and ease of loading. The units can fit items from a hallway closet up to the furnishings of a one-bedroom home. At its upper capacity, a Queen size mattress can be fitted into the unit with room for other items. This unit size category is well-suited for both business and personal use.

Many of our customers also choose these units for seasonal or temporary moves, or as a long-term extension of their self storage needs. With our secured and quick access facilities, our XYZ Storage customers thoroughly enjoy the spaces offered by these units.

personal storage use

A small unit can hold anything from a Queen size mattress, chests of drawers, cabinets, chairs, bookcases, large boxes, sports equipment, tools, yard equipment, and bicycles. You’ll be able to fit the content of a single bedroom apartment, including small household furniture and additional boxes.

business storage use

Small storage units can accommodate your business files, records, and hold anywhere from 30 to 130 banker boxes of content. The units are suitable to store chairs, cabinets, boxes, small office furniture, excess inventory, exhibition displays, and flex office furniture supplies.

which storage unit size do you need?


25 square ft

see details


50 square ft

see details


75 - 149 square ft

make space of content up to 1-bedroom

Enjoy up to 150 square feet of our best storage space to store all of your belongings. Our most popular storage unit sizes offer spacious self storage space and can hold the content of a large walk-in closet up to the content of a one-bedroom with boxes and furniture. When you need more space for your content than a small unit may offer, the medium size units are a suitable option that will provide ample space. While they are roomier than small units, medium size units are still affordable and offered at reasonable rates.

Many of XYZ Storage’s customers choose medium size units for their ideal fits that allow them to comfortably store all of their belongings. A 10’x10’ storage unit is the size of half of a standard one-car garage. Your content can also be easily stacked to increase the efficient usage and capacity of the space.

personal storage use

Medium size units fit contents of a one-bedroom apartment to a large family room. Household furniture such a bed, bedside tables, small round dining table, chairs, bookcase, TV, coffee table, two- seater couch, and appliances can all be fitted into the unit.

business storage use

Perfect for organizing, storing, or archiving office documents, supplies, or excess inventory. Office equipment and furniture such as desks, chairs, lights, TVs, and other tools can be securely stored in a quality medium size unit. These units can make a positive difference for your office and improve productivity for your business.

which storage unit size do you need?


100 square ft

see details


150 square ft

see details


150 - 300+ square ft

make space of content up to 1-car garage

With interior storage room that can hold the furnishings of up to a three to four bedroom house including appliances, our large units are the most generous and spacious sized units that we offer. While a 150 sq ft unit can comfortably fit the content of an entire family room or two full bedrooms, our 300 sq ft sizes will allow you to fit the content of multiple bedrooms and larger items such as a piano, couches, tables, large screen TVs, refrigerator, washer, dryer or dining room set.

Reserve your large size units to help with your moves or renovations, or if you have extra items that need to be stored. If you have larger items that you would like to store, please contact our Storage Experts to help you tailor a self storage solution for your particular needs.

personal storage use

The vast amount of storage space offered by our large size units give you the flexibility to organize how you would like to store your items. The unit can be organized to fit your individual needs and to maximize the self storage capacity to ensure all of your belongings are safely stored.

business storage use

Using the ample storage space as an additional warehouse for your inventory or supplies will provide added convenience and increase your business’ productivity. Our Storage Experts can help you determine the right setup and self storage solutions to maximize the value you get from your storage space. Our many years of experience in storage can help you make the right decision that will get you the quality space that you and your business need.

which storage unit size do you need?


200 square ft

see details


300 square ft

see details


single car to RV trailer / boat

At our facilities, we offer parking spaces for rent that allow you to store your vehicles with us. We have a large selection of parking sizes and features including indoor, heated, and electric power available. Our parking spaces can accommodate single car to RV Trailer and boat storage. Check with our individual locations or contact us to determine space availability and rates.

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