Happy Valentine’s Day!

country-love-quotes-for-him-xpxmpejt Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and ever since I was young this day has been very special to me. I grew up knowing that Valentine’s Day is the day of love, the day of passion and the day of chocolates. My sisters and I would all give each other cards that had a special memory we had in the past year and how much it means to them. This has become a tradition and I look forward to it every year.

Valentine’s Day is designating one day to show the person, friend, or family in your life how much you love them. As we grow older the day seems to mean less and less, people are too worried to find a date that they are missing the reason of Valentine’s Day. February has become the month of love and to every single person out there who hates this “holiday” just remember that it’s not just about your significant other it’s about showing your friends and family how much you love them.

People can bicker on how much they hate Valentine’s Day and be anti-loveable but life is short, you never know what is going to happen the next day. I know that every day of the year should be Valentine’s Day and maybe it is a materialistic holiday but to me it means to kiss harder, hug tighter and love unconditionally no matter what.

So, to that I say lets LOVE on Valentine’s Day, say I love you to those who you don’t see much. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone who is out there, All Canadian Self-Storage LOVES you <3


published: 11 February 2015