5 Life Events When Self-Storage Could Be Beneficial

Life can get hectic from time to time. However, self-storage might surprisingly help ease multiple life events you are going through or ones that you might encounter in the future. We at XYZ Storage always like to be prepared and help guide you by providing some situations where renting a self-storage unit can be beneficial and play a role in helping you and your loved ones through the big things happening in your life.

1. Decluttering and Making Space

Decluttering is when you go through each of your belongings and throw away, donate, or sell belongings that you feel no longer add value to your life. However, there may be belongings that you cannot seem to part ways with just yet. Self-storage can be the alternate solution to allowing you to keep belongings that you do not need taking up space in your home but would like to keep. For instance, any sentimental items such as old photo albums/videos, family antiques or heirlooms, baby clothes, or your vintage furniture. 

2. Divorce or Separation

Going through a divorce, separation, or break-up is already hard enough without having to worry about where to put your belongings. While you are transitioning between places, unfortunately, your belongings are too. Self-storage can be a temporary home for your belongings while you figure out your next move. It becomes one less thing you need to worry about during this difficult time.

3. Downsizing

There can be many reasons someone has decided to downsize including children leaving the nest, retirement, the rising housing market, and many more! Downsizing is a reduction in space in your home. This is when renting a self-storage unit can be useful as it allows you to keep the belongings you want without having to store them in your home.

4. Re-locating

Moving and relocating can be a stressful experience in itself whether you are moving down the street or across the country. In between moving places, you might find yourself couch surfing at multiple friends’ places and would not want to worry about where to put all of the belongings from your one-bedroom apartment. The same goes for if you plan on traveling for months and do not have a place to store your belongings. Self-storage can serve as the perfect solution for your storage needs.

5. Home Renovation

Summer is just around the corner, which calls for time to do some home renovations. With home renovations, it can cause some stress when it comes to where to place your belongings that may get in the way with the construction and renovations. Self-storage can help keep your belongings safe and clean while you beautify your home or investment. There are self-storage units that are built to serve your storage needs whether that be a compact unit or a larger unit for bigger furniture pieces.


We at XYZ Storage have the solution to your problems, whether it be a lack of space in your home, planning on downsizing, or any of the above! We have plenty of storage units at our state-of-the-art drive-through facilities across Toronto for your increased convenience and ease of accessibility. Please feel free to check out our XYZ Storage self-storage locations: Toronto West, Toronto Downtown, Toronto Midtown, Scarborough, or Etobicoke



published: 1 June 2022